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Meik E & Funk Tronic - Mädchenbesäufnis     

Afterhour Mix 13.02.2015

Mixed @ Meik E's Homezone using Tracktor/Timecode Vinyl and Vinyl
Track List
1.Alexz&Remko B – Heaven in your Eyes (OrigMix)
2.Le Babar – The Conversation (OrigMix)
3.Alex Kenji&Frederico Scavo – The Funk is Alive
4.Dj Las K – Le Manche
5.Plastika vs Conga Sqaud – Disco Rockin (Conga Squad Rmx)
6.Shaunyboy – Dancing Shoes (OrigMix)
7.Disko Junkie – Time to move (OrigMix)
8.Felipe Avelar&El Seano – Motown Stomp (OrigMix)
9.Hot Sand – Only you (Agent Stereo Anyone else Rmx)
10.Rafael Chavez – For you (Babysitters Rmx)
11.Josh the Funky 1&Andrey Zenkoff – Kiss my Lips (Mirko&Meex Rmx)
12.Lauer&Canard – Gimme your Love (OrigRmx)
13.The Tabledancers – Take me Higher (French Revo Rmx)
14.Sys&Johnprie – Always Dancing (Sys Origmix)
15.Grayson P – High on your Love (Origmix)
16.Frater&Stent – 1 2 3 (Origmix)
17.Tokyo Cartel&Patrick Wayne – Together (Patrick Wayne Rmx)
18.CRS&Felipe Avelar – Baby so sweet (OrigMix)
19.Dj Dan&Dj Mes – M.T.Y.S (OrigMix)
20.Disco Ball'z – Jump Baby (OrigMix)
21.Dj Tonka – We don't Play (Dubstrumental)
22.Dj Tonka – Flashback (Original Remastered)
23.Armand van Helden – My My My
24.Demarkus Lewis – Get Busy
25.Alex Natale – Here comes that Sound again
27.The Scene Kingz – Get ready (OrigMix)
28.Whiskey Dicks – Right here (Audio Jacker Rmx)
29.Mark Funk – Funk it up
30.Gordons Groove – Gordons Groove
31.Joey Negro – Feel Good to you (J Paul Getto Rmx)
32.Jason Wolfe – The Struggle (Tim Relas diggin Deep Rmx)
33.Twism – Ohio Rollers (OrigMix)
35.Funky Truckerz – Party People (OrigMix)
36.Dj Funsko – The Dynamic Disco Mouse (OrigMix)
37.Dj Funsko – Pop my Disco
38.Wattie Green – Gettin it (OrigMix)
39.Dj Tripswitch – Get off (OrigMix)
40.Shaunyboy – Funk out (OrigMix)
41.Hapkido – Check out the Sound
42.JMC – Dat Dude
43.Refurbished – Think
44.Mark Funk,Wise D&Kobe – Mr. Funk
45.Felipe Avelar – Take it slow

Meik E   Funk Tronic   Maedchenbesaeufnis
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